Is Collaborative Divorce Cheaper than Traditional Divorce?

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A collaborative divorce can offer a peaceful divorce solution to an otherwise traditionally court-litigated divorce – but did you know it’s also cheaper? A collaborative divorce attorney can help keep your divorce cost lower than traditional litigation. By working together, collaborative divorce creates a lasting and strong resolution that you and your spouse make for the benefit of your family.

When you think about divorce costs, they extend far beyond just money.  You must factor in the amount of time you are willing to devote to the process, whether through collaborative divorce, mediation, or litigation and consider the emotional cost of all parties involved, including any children. Consulting a collaborative divorce attorney can help you save time, money, and emotional strain as both parties work together to reach an agreement.  Fees vary as some charge a flat rate or retainer fee, while others charge by the hour.  The cost of each case is determined by its complexity, and the collaborative team will be utilized in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. Some points to think about when considering collaborative divorce include the following:

  • The complexity of your divorce case can impact the overall cost. Collaborative divorce tends to be more cost-effective when both parties are willing to work together to reach an agreement.
  • Collaborative divorce aims to streamline the process by encouraging open communication and cooperative problem-solving. This can reduce the time spent in court, which often translates into lower legal fees. Even if you and your spouse have different perspectives on matters, the collaborative team can help you come to a resolution. Collaborative divorce has been used to help couples solve very challenging situations.
  • Collaborative divorce typically involves a team of professionals, including attorneys, financial specialists, and mental health professionals, who work together to guide the couple through the process. While this may increase the upfront costs compared to a traditional divorce with a single attorney, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. The collaborative team focuses on resolving issues efficiently, which can lead to reduced legal fees overall.
  • One of the potential cost-saving benefits of collaborative divorce is avoiding court appearances and associated expenses. Traditional divorce often involves court filings, motions, and hearings, which can accumulate substantial costs. Collaborative divorce aims to reach an out-of-court settlement, minimizing these expenses.
  • Each divorce case is unique, and the costs can vary depending on circumstances. It’s important to discuss the specifics of your case with a qualified divorce attorney or mediator to understand better the potential costs associated with both collaborative and traditional divorce processes.

Ultimately consulting your collaborative divorce attorney when talking about expenses is in your best interest.  Monetarily, collaborative divorce can cost significantly less than traditional litigation. Most collaborative divorce cases are scheduled for a time block session, yet few cases are resolved in a single session. Even knowing your case will likely take multiple sessions to reach an amicable solution, you’ll have saved thousands of dollars through collaborative divorce.
Hugh O’Donnell has been helping couples gain the benefits of collaborative divorce in Kansas City since 2001 when he introduced the process to Missouri and Kansas and trained other attorneys. If you feel collaborative divorce may be right for you, contact Hugh F. O’Donnell Family Law at (816) 533-5152 to schedule a consultation.