Modification of Custody & Support Orders

Explore Your Modification of Custody & Support Order Options

Many times after a custody or support order is entered, whether it be a divorce case or paternity case, circumstances change which require changes in that order. For instance, circumstances may change such that the parenting schedule needs changed. There also may be a significant change of circumstances which requires change in the amount of child support. These matters can be dealt with either through litigation, mediation, or collaborative law. I will help you explore your options.

Sometimes modification of custody and support orders can be accomplished through one of the alternative dispute resolution processes; namely, mediation or collaborative law. Mediation can be utilized if both parties are willing to participate in mediation to address the issues. In that process, the parties may choose to each have counsel, or to proceed with out counsel. The collaborative process can be used when both parties have attorneys who are experienced in the collaborative process, and the parties are willing to use that process to resolve their issues. these processes can be used even if the issues are difficult and emotional, but the parties are willing to work to resolve those issues.

On the other hand, there are situations where either one of the parties is not willing to participate in mediation or the collaborative process, and insists on litigation. In that case, zealous and experienced representation is important. A good attorney can make a huge difference in those cases.

I have done hundreds of these cases in my practice using one of the three methods stated above. Each case is unique, and requires a unique assessment and approach. Very few attorneys are experienced in all three of these areas, and are limited in the ways in which they can assist you. I look forward to giving your modification of custody and support orders case the individual attention which it deserves.

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