Civil Litigation & Mediation

Civil Litigation & Mediation Services Representation for Civil Disputes

More Than 40 Years' Experience Creating Resolutions That Work

For more than 40 years, I have been focused on creating effective resolutions to difficult problems through the most direct means possible. I have developed my skills as a mediator and litigator so that I can offer my clients the most direct path to securing the outcome they should have. I have been a leader in the mediation community in Missouri for many years. My skills as a mediator and a litigator have helped me earn a strong reputation for offering highly effective assistance that is tailored to my clients' needs.

I have helped people secure the resolutions they need to the most complex and challenging problems using:

  • Mediation — Mediation is a tool that can be used to resolve any type of civil dispute, including contract disputes, business disputes, employment disputes and termination disputes. I have extensive experience in mediating difficult disputes. My ability to offer highly effective mediation services has been recognized by the courts and attorneys who have referred cases to me for mediation in the past. I have trained attorneys and others on mediation techniques in Missouri, Kansas, across the United States and abroad. I can help you secure the resolution you need through mediation.
  • Civil Litigation — When a dispute cannot be resolved through mediation or negotiation, turning to the court may be the only way to resolve the issue. I have extensive experience bringing cases to trial for my clients. My litigation practice is primarily focused on personal injury situations. I have secured millions of dollars for my clients in past cases. I know how difficult it can be for someone who is injured to secure fair compensation for his or her injuries from an insurance company unless he or she litigates the matter. My decades of experience give me an advantage when I am working to secure the full compensation a person deserves for his or her injuries.

Civil Litigation & Mediation In The Kansas City Area

When you are facing difficult legal situations, I can provide you with the type of help that best fits your individual situation. To schedule a consultation, call 816-533-5152 or contact me online.