Divorce Mediation: Better Than Court?

Divorce Mediation Can Be Better Than Going To Court With Cooperative Clients

Divorce mediation is better than going to court as long as all parties involved are willing to cooperate and compromise to create lasting decisions for the future.  Most people think “I’m willing to cooperate and compromise, but my spouse won’t”: but a skilled mediator can help both parties see the advantages of cooperation and compromise.   This provides an opportunity to settle the case, and reduces the significant financial and emotional costs associated with court cases.  My role as a mediator is to help you and your spouse communicate and explore the best options for settlement.  I cannot tell you how to settle your case, but only support you and your spouse in discussing which ways will help you solve disputes on your own terms.

There are many reasons for couples and families to choose mediation, including:

– Reducing the cost and time involved in court:  mediation typically takes less time than court, which saves you money and time.

– Reduces the emotional stress and uncertainty of court: divorce is not easy no matter which method you choose; however, divorce mediation relieves some stress and acknowledges that you still have decision-making power for what is best for you and your family

–  Creates less trauma for the children: court battles can be lengthy, drawn-out processes which can affect children in various ways.  Trauma happens through the uncertainty of a judge’s decision, and how it affects their future.  One of the best outcomes from divorce mediation is that children are often more at peace, knowing that their parents are working together instead of battling in court.  It also allows each parent to experience success and learn how to cooperate on issues that affect their children.

– Teaches children a healthy way to resolve conflict: by showing children that their parents are willing to cooperate and compromise, even in difficult situations such as divorce, they are able to learn how to effectively communicate and resolve conflict in their own lives.

– Keeps decision-making power in your hands: spouses are able to divide property, assets, debts and decides future financial obligations, rather than risk a court decision that neither of you like.

There is no wrong time for divorce mediation.  It is always preferable to the alternative of spending thousands of dollars on attorney’s fees in the hope that the judge might see things your way.  Each case is different and it’s very difficult to predict the perfect timing for your case.  As long as a couple is willing to try, an experienced mediator can often bring the parties to a lasting agreement they both are happy with.

I began doing divorce and family law mediation years ago when it was a rarity.  For more than 40 years I have been helping people in the Kansas City Metro area work through the most difficult family law matters.  I know the good that divorce mediation can do, and I have the experience necessary as a mediator to be able to help you effectively work through divorce challenges.  Feel free to contact me today for a consultation, or call (816) 533-5152 and ask to speak with Hugh O’Donnell to discuss any questions you have regarding divorce mediation.