Collaborative Divorce Provides a More Discreet Divorce Option

Collaborative Divorce, a unique and advantageous alternative to traditional divorce, offers significant benefits such as cost and time savings, reduced stress, and most importantly, the ability to keep your divorce proceedings confidential. This means your personal details are protected from public scrutiny, and only you, your spouse, and your collaborative divorce team are privy to the discussions and details of your divorce. Kansas City Collaborative Divorce Attorney Hugh F. O’Donnell, a pioneer in this field, has dedicated his career to helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Information shared during collaborative divorce meetings remains private and will not be shared with outsiders. This helps maintain a discreet rapport and protects personal details from public scrutiny. Only you, your spouse, and your collaborative divorce team will know what is discussed and the details of your divorce. Because these meetings happen outside of a courtroom, they will not become part of the public record, or heard by strangers, friends or family members, as the meetings are private.

The collaborative Divorce process in Kansas City, led by the esteemed Hugh F. O’Donnell, creates a resolution-based environment. Both clients agree to be transparent and disclose information openly with the collaborative team. This openness fosters a confidential space where goals, options, areas of concern, and other details can be discussed freely.

The meetings focus on creative problem-solving, and the collaborative team encourages couples to explore options and alternatives to find acceptable solutions for both sides. This often involves brainstorming and considering the long-term implications of decisions. In some cases, impartial experts, such as financial professionals or child specialists, may be brought in to provide expertise and guidance. These experts remain neutral and work to assist both parties in reaching fair and informed decisions.

Hugh O’Donnell has been helping couples gain the benefits of collaborative divorce in Kansas City since 2001, when he introduced the process to Missouri and Kansas and trained other attorneys. If you feel collaborative divorce may be right for you, contact Hugh F. O’Donnell Family Law at (816) 533-5152 to schedule a consultation.