Collaborative Divorce is Equally Valuable for Couples Without Children As It Is For Couples With Children

The benefits of Collaborative Divorce exist whether children are involved in the equation. The reduced stress, professional support, and privacy of a collaborative divorce make it an excellent divorce option for Kansas City couples.


Why Choose Collaborative Divorce?

With this method, each spouse has an attorney who helps the parties reach an agreement rather than engage in an adversarial process. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Reduced Stress


Collaborative processes can significantly lower the emotional toll on both parties by avoiding the adversarial nature of traditional court divorces. This approach involves open discussions and mutual decision-making, which can be less aggressive and more supportive.


  • Professional Support


Collaborative divorce involves a team approach where other professionals, such as financial advisors, therapists, and mediators, can assist. This multi-disciplinary support helps address all aspects of divorce comprehensively, ensuring that both parties’ needs are met.


The Collaborative process can often be quicker than traditional divorce since the timeline is based on the couple’s schedule, not court availability. This flexibility in the scheduling allows for more thoughtful resolutions.


  • Privacy


Collaborative divorce proceedings are private, unlike traditional divorce cases, which are public records. This allows couples to handle their personal affairs without exposure to public scrutiny.

Couples benefit from having more control over the outcome of the collaborative process. Because both parties work together to reach an agreement, the decisions better fit their unique situation — unlike having a judge make decisions for them.

Collaborative Divorce with Hugh F. O’Donnell achieves a dissolution of marriage through respect for the past and lays the foundation for their futures. As a Collaborative Practice Kansas City member, Hugh offers family law services to Kansas City couples. The collaborative process provides many benefits to those facing divorce. I can help you use that process to secure the outcomes you need from your divorce. To schedule a consultation, call 816-533-5152 or contact me online.