What Can I Expect At A Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is not a one-size-fits all solution to divorce, and it looks differently for each couple because their specific divorce issues are unique to themselves, however, there are some things you can expect at a divorce mediation. Working with an experienced mediator can create the most direct path to securing the resolution you need.

Divorce Mediation Is Different Than A Traditional Divorce, And You Should Know What To Expect

Divorce mediation is primarily used for any couple that wants to stay out of the court system and work together to create the best possible solutions for their family’s future. A mediator will help to facilitate communication and negotiation between both spouses. Likewise, a mediator is a neutral party that will not advise or represent either spouse, but will provide legal information which will help the parties in their decision making.

Before divorce mediation occurs, you will be asked to fill out some forms pertaining to child custody, child support and the division. During mediation, spouses will be given an opportunity to discuss all the issues of the impending divorce and figure out how to come to a common ground to resolve them. Divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support and other issues can be incredibly difficult to resolve, but nearly every mediation that I conduct, results in an agreement.

Divorce mediation helps people to resolve the most intractable disputes. Working with an experienced mediator can create the most direct path to securing the resolution you need to all types of divorce issues including child custody, child support, spousal support and the division of property and other assets.

Through mediation you can expect some advantages such as cost and time savings, reduced stress and improved communication. Likewise, you are able to keep the decision-making power in your hands instead of ceding that power to a judge. And if children are involved, mediation can help develop cooperation and peaceful dispute resolution that is very beneficial while the child is being raised.

For more than 40 years I have been helping people work through the most difficult family matters through divorce mediation. I have seen the good that can come from this process and have the experience as a mediator to be able to help you effectively work through the challenges that stand before you.

Mediation can happen at any time during the divorce process. It’s isn’t too late to seek alternative guidance outside of the courtroom. If you are in the Kansas City are and believe divorce mediation is the best option for you and spouse, contact me today to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call at (816) 533-5152 with any questions you have regarding your divorce and how best to proceed.