Top 4 Divorce Mediation FAQ’S IN 2022

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Divorce mediation is an opportunity for couples to resolve their divorce needs outside of the courtroom, but can be confused when compared to a traditionally litigated divorce. Here are my top 4 frequently asked questions about divorce mediation:

  1. What Is Mediation?

Again, divorce mediation offers couples a chance to settle their case. A skilled mediator helps parties to communicate effectively in order to explore options which can lead to a settlement. They are given the time and space to communicate openly and freely about their needs in a safe environment, which improves each party’s understanding of the other party’s perspective.

  1. Is There A Right Time To Use Mediation?

There is certainly no wrong time for divorce mediation. In fact, mediation can be used at any point during the divorce process. Each case is different and it’s very difficult to predict the perfect timing to use mediation for your case. But as long as a couple is willing to try mediation, an experienced mediator can usually bring parties to an agreement.

  1. Why Use Mediation?

There are many reasons for using divorce mediation. This includes reducing the cost of the divorce, and time involved in litigation. Mediation also reduces stress and creates less trauma for any children involved. It also allows each parent to experience success in co-parenting early on by using effective communication strategies for problem-solving and working together to find common ground.

  1. Does Mediation Really Work?

Yes, mediation really works! I have worked with many clients facing divorce, all in differing stages of divorce. They have come to me for mediation on anything from resolving remaining divorce issues, to parenting plans, finances and/or property divisions.

Divorce is not easy, but mediation might be the best option for you and your spouse if you are able to work together to come up with creative solutions for your divorce needs. If you are in the Kansas City area and would like more information on mediation, contact me, Hugh O’Donnell, today to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call me at (816) 533-5152 with any questions you have regarding divorce mediation.