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When getting a divorce, the most important factor in the outcome of your case is the divorce attorney you retain.  At trial, you need an experienced, effective counsel who knows the law and the rules of evidence and knows the most skillful way to present your case in a manner most favorable to you.  Divorce cases are won or lost based on how they are presented to the court.

Navigating a divorce is complicated. Most people only go through it one time, and they don’t know what to expect. A good divorce litigator can explain to you how the system works and what you need to do, and what the lawyer will do to facilitate a positive outcome on your behalf. The success or failure of the divorce case hinges a great deal on thorough preparation. However, in addition to a thorough preparation, and experienced capable divorce attorney knows how to take that preparation and present it to the court in the most effective manner.

Judges are human beings just like the rest of us, and they make decisions based on facts, the law, and sometimes their emotions. It is important for the divorce attorney to understand that, and to understand the particular judge involved in your case.

Hugh has tried numerous divorce cases successfully and knows the judges and the courts well, having helped thousands of individuals in complicated divorce litigation matters. He has a good understanding of how particular judges will rule – their style and customs and will be able to make useful assumptions about a particular judge’s attitudes and policies.

Hugh F O'Donnell Family Law Divorce Litigation Kansas CityKansas City courts are often overburdened, in particular during the current government restrictions making court procedures more difficult. Judges do not tolerate attorneys who are unprepared when they enter the courtroom. As your lawyer, Hugh will prepare accordingly for the judge deciding your case, especially regarding custody and support.

There are important rules which Hugh F. O’Donnell observes when taking a divorce litigation case to court. For instance:

  • Planning concise, to-the-point evidence helps when a judge may not have had time to read them.
  • When communicating with the judge, it is important to focus only on the judge when speaking. This means making eye contact, using a respectful tone of voice and maintaining a calm demeanor.
  • Presenting only what is legally or factually important to the judge. The best opportunity for making a positive persuasion in the case is when the paperwork is filed, or when replying to opposing counsel. These documents give the court the first and sometimes the defining impression of the case.
  • No head butting, even if a judge seems difficult; remember, the judge rules the courtroom. It’s crucial to remain calm, measured, focused and polite – always.
A divorce litigation attorney and a caring judge can do wonders to help people who are experiencing divorce litigation. We have numerous hard-working, compassionate judges in Kansas City. My office has built a solid reputation on positive interactions with the local Kansas City courts and judges. We are committed to providing effective divorce litigation counsel when you need it.

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