How Does the Collaborative Divorce Process Work?

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The collaborative divorce process involves each spouse securing legal representation. Collaborative divorce is a peaceful solution to an otherwise traditionally court-litigated divorce. This divorce method gives couples the time and space they need to work together to solve all legal issues and create a lasting resolution for their family’s future.

Through the collaborative divorce process, there is no need to leave the judgments to the courts. By being able and willing to cooperate, spouses can resolve disputes outside of the court system. In the beginning, both you, your spouse, and your attorneys will sign an agreement promising not to involve the court and choose to control the outcome for yourselves. The spouses and their attorneys then work together to resolve all the issues of the divorce including but not limited to child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division questions. One of the greatest advantages of the collaborative divorce process is that couples can keep decision-making power in their hands, instead of ceding that power to a judge. Couples who cooperate and work through this method of guided communication can resolve disputes outside of the court system.

Another advantage of the collaborative divorce method is that couples do not go through this process alone. Divorce can feel isolating at times, but through the collaborative method, couples are able to work with a team of professionals to ensure the best possible outcome. The collaborative divorce process uses an interdisciplinary approach, which may involve a mental health professional to help establish strong, effective communication between spouses, and offers guidance on determining a strong parenting plan that works for everyone involved.

I helped establish the benefits of the collaborative divorce process in Missouri in 2001. Since that time I have conducted numerous advanced training courses for other attorneys who wanted to learn more about the collaborative process and how their family law clients could be helped by it. I know the trials that people face when divorce is afoot, and I know the good that collaborative divorce can do for people. By keeping decision-making power in their own hands, the collaborative process is especially well-suited to divorces involving children as it helps parents work together. This can be incredibly important to the well-being of a child. While the parents may no longer be spouses to each other, they will always be parents to their children.

There are many advantages to the collaborative divorce process, and it is worth looking into. If you are in the Kansas City area and believe collaborative divorce sounds like a good option for you and your family, contact me, Hugh O’Donnell, today to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call me at (816) 533-5152 with any questions you have regarding your divorce.