How Collaborative Divorce Can Help When Children Are Involved

Collaborative Divorce Helps When Children Are Involved

You will want to consider using the collaborative divorce method if you are going through, or soon-to-be going through the divorce process.  Hugh O’Donnell, is a licensed divorce attorney specializing in over 40+ years of family law and mediation.  He serves the Greater Kansas City Area and is licensed in both Kansas and Missouri, and was the first lawyer to introduce collaborative divorce in the state of Missouri in 2001.

Collaborative divorce is when each spouse retains an attorney to help both parties reach an agreement outside the traditional adversarial process of litigation. This process may include a financial planner to help reduce costs and/or a mental health professional to address the needs of both parties.  The collaborative divorce process allows the parties to reach agreements on all the issues of a divorce, such as property division, child custody etc., with the guidance of the professionals involved in their case.

The interdisciplinary process (incorporating a financial planner and mental health professional) can reduce the stress and the cost of a divorce, as well as improve communication. This helps the parties to collaborate and find ways to move forward. Because the parties are working together to resolve their situation, the stress for the children is greatly reduced.

Divorce is challenging to navigate alone, so going through the collaborative divorce process can help you process this major life-change.  While divorce often makes people feel out of control, using the methods of collaborative divorce gives more control and stability to both parties involved as they continue to make the best choices possible for themselves, and for their children.  When children see their parents working side-by-side, their emotional well-being increases as they can continue to trust in the fact that their parents have their best interest at heart, while continuing to be their parents even though they are not together.

Collaborative divorces measures are effective when parents can work together with professionals to benefit themselves and their children, all the while navigating a very difficult time in their lives. The collaborative process can be equally effective if the parties don’t have children. It allows the parties to come to an agreement and thereby conserving valuable financial resources.

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