Divorce Mediation Pros

Divorce mediation has many benefits that might be helpful to your family, even if your legal matters are incredibly difficult to solve. Finding common ground rather than fighting each other through divorce mediation allows you and your spouse to make strong, effective resolutions for your family’s future. Here are some pros of divorce mediation:

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Divorce Mediation Has Many Benefits That Help You

Solves Intractable Disputes

Divorce mediation solves the most intractable disputes in a calm manner. Problem-solving isn’t always easy, and sometimes couples needs a divorce mediator to help facilitate good communication skills in order to make the divorce process easier. As a divorce attorney, I know that couples who worked with an experienced mediator created the most direct path to securing the resolution they needed.

Less Stress

When compared to a traditionally litigated divorce, one of the key benefits of divorce mediation is less stress. I know that court litigation is highly stressful on all parties involved, including children. Through the process of divorce mediation, you are given the time to process, and are able to work together to decrease stress.

You Control The Outcome

In divorce mediation, couples retain the ultimate decision-making power instead of ceding that power to a judge. Being able to control the outcome of any future decisions that affect you, your spouse, and any children you have is a key benefit to mediation. It is a well-suited tool to instill trust between parents and children as well.

As a practicing attorney for more than 40 years, I know divorce is hard no matter the circumstances surrounding it. But I have seen the good that can come from the divorce mediation process and have the experience necessary as a mediator to help you and your family work through the challenges that stand between you and your future.

If you are in the Kansas City Metro area (on either side of the state line) and believe divorce mediation is the best path forward for your family, please contact me, Hugh O’Donnell, to schedule a consultation, and feel free to call me at (816) 533-5152 with any questions you have about the mediation process.