Divorce Attorney In Kansas City: Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring

Get answers from a divorce lawyer in Kansas City on the best divorce method for you.


Before hiring a divorce attorney in Kansas City, there are some questions you need answered.  We have provided the top five questions to ask before hiring a family law attorney:

1. Do you specialize in family law, or it is just one aspect of your practice?

Hugh O’Donnell is a licensed attorney, and is an approved mediator by the courts in both Kansas and Missouri.  Hugh is a specialized divorce attorney in Kansas City, and has performed thousands of successful mediations, court trials, and collaborative divorce cases.  He is committed to help people use mediation, collaborative law and the courts to build a  better future for themselves.

2. How long have your practiced family law?

As a divorce attorney in Kansas City with more than 40 years of family law and mediation experience, Hugh has seen firsthand how challenging the divorce process can be for most people.  He has spent his career working to improve his skills as a mediator, collaborative divorce attorney and divorce litigator in order to provide his clients a path toward resolution that works best for them.

3. Have you heard of collaborative divorce?

Yes.  Hugh is the most experienced collaborative divorce attorney in Kansas City.  In fact, he introduced the collaborative divorce method to Missouri in 2001, and co-founded the Collaborative Law Institute of Missouri (now Collaborative Divorce Professionals).  He has since conducted numerous advanced trainings for other attorneys who wanted to learn more about the process and how their family law clients could be helped by it.

4. Is there a way to work with my spouse in order to avoid litigation?

Yes.  Divorce does not need to be a fight!  Family mediation and the collaborative divorce method can help people to craft divorce agreements that are better for them in both the short and long terms.  Not only do these processes keep decision-making power in the hands of the divorcing couple rather than ceding it to a judge, there are cost savings, time savings, and less stress in addition to many other advantages.

5. What method is best for decision-making when children are involved?

There is no one best method that will fit every divorcing couple in the same way.  This is why deciding between mediation, collaborative divorce, or even litigation is key.  Mediation involves a neutral party to help you decide what is the best solution for all parties involved and requires no obligation to hire an additional lawyer.  If there are long-standing power-imbalance dynamics between you or your spouse, hiring a collaborative divorce attorney in Kansas City can help provide structure and harmony.  Collaborative divorce is a process when both spouses are represented by collaborative attorneys that work together to help craft the best possible resolution possible for all parties involved.

This process is difficult, and we hope answering these questions has helped you.  We are here to help you with your divorce in any way we can.  Please contact us to schedule a consultation, or call today at (816) 533-5152 with any questions you have regarding hiring a divorce attorney in Kansas City.

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