Collaborative Divorce: The Non-Adversarial Approach to Divorce

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Collaborative divorce is the non-adversarial approach to traditional divorce. Many couples are turning to the collaborative method instead of turning the end of their marriage into a fight. The collaborative method gives spouses the time and space to learn effective communication skills in order to work together to create unique solutions to their divorce needs.

In the collaborative divorce process, couples and their collaborative attorneys agree to work together to resolve all of the issues of the divorce, including child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division questions. Through this process, your attorney and other professionals can manage difficult conversations required to work through all legal issues. When entering into the collaborative divorce process, each spouse secures legal representation, and enter into an agreement to work together to resolve all of the issues. Sometimes the divorce process can make spouses feel isolated, but through the collaborative approach, you’ll be working with a team of professionals who are all working towards the same goal: to guide you and your family into the best resolution possible for the future.
You’ll be able to keep the decision-making power in your own hands through the collaborative divorce process, instead of ceding that power to a judge. Going through a divorce oftentimes feels like your lives are spinning out of control and it’s easy to justify verbal attacks in the courtroom. But with the collaborative process, there’s no courtroom battles involved. You and your spouse know each other better than anyone else and being able to make the best decisions possible for each other and for your children is important. You get to decide what your future looks like, and that degree of control automatically reduces stress through the divorce process.
I know that divorce is hard, and I have seen the benefits that collaborative divorce offers for both parties involved. Divorce can be challenging, and the collaborative approach allows for open communication, reduced costs, and reduced stress for all involved. If you and your spouse are in the Kansas City area and believe collaborative divorce is the best step for your family, contact me, Hugh O’Donnell, to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call me at (816) 533-5152 with any questions you have regarding your divorce.