Collaborative Divorce Attorney Lowers Divorce Cost

A collaborative divorce attorney can help keep your divorce cost lower than traditional litigation.  When you think about divorce costs, they extend far beyond just money.  You have to factor in the amount of time you are willing to devote to the process, be it through collaborative divorce, mediation, or through litigation, and also consider the emotional cost of all parties involved, including any children.

A Collaborative Divorce Attorney Can Help Save You Time And Money During Your Divorce

Consulting a divorce attorney on collaborative divorce can help you save time, money, and emotional strain as both parties work together to reach an agreement.  Fees vary as some charge a flat rate or retainer fee, while others charge by the hour.  The cost of each case is determined by its complexity, and the collaborative team will be utilized in the most efficient, cost effective manner.

A divorce attorney will bring in other professionals through the collaborative process, such as financial planners to assist with the financial aspects of your case, a divorce coach and/or a mental health professional who can reduce stress and improve communication skills.  Through collaborative divorce, spouses and their attorneys are committing to resolving family legal issues such as child custody, child support, and spousal support reasonably and fairly without litigation in court.

Consulting your divorce attorney on collaborative divorce expenses is in your best interest.  Monetarily, collaborative divorce can significantly cost less than traditional litigation.  Every case is unique so the cost will vary from couple to couple.  Most collaborative divorce cases are scheduled for a time block session, yet few cases are resolved in a single session.  Even knowing your case will most likely take multiple sessions to reach an amicable solution, you’ll have saved thousands of dollars through collaborative divorce, as the average cost of litigation is $7,000-$30,000 or more per spouse, not including the trial.

A divorce attorney will help keep you committed to reaching an agreement instead of entering into an adversarial process that can lead to litigation, and higher divorce cost.  With over 40 years of family law experience, Hugh O’Donnell has helped families make sound decisions for their futures through the collaborative divorce process.  Contact us today to request a consultation regarding your divorce, or call us at (816) 533-5152 to ask if collaborative divorce is the right process for your family.