Collaborative Divorce Attorney: Is Collaborative Divorce Good For Families With Children?

As a collaborative divorce attorney I have seen the good that collaborative divorce can do for families with children. Couples face many challenges when it is time to divorce, and being able to work together and keep the decision-making power in their hands can give people a degree of control over their lives when things may seem out of control.

A Collaborative Divorce Attorney Knows The Collaborative Method Works Well For Families With Children

The collaborative divorce process is one that is well-suited to families with children because it helps parents begin to work together to create the best solutions possible for their family’s individual and unique needs. No two families are alike and creative problem solving helps to establish lifetime parental cooperation.

A collaborative divorce attorney guides his/her clients into an agreement to work together and resolve all of the issues of the divorce, including child custody and child support. These issues surrounding child custody and child support are often the most contentious aspects of divorce. As a collaborative divorce attorney I know that these issues can be resolved when both parents work together.

The collaborative divorce process creates space for decision-making on your time, which reduces stress to you and to your children. While you may no longer be spouses to each other, you will always be parents to your children. The well-being of your children during a divorce is imperative, and should be the top priority for the future of your family dynamic. Collaborative divorce attorneys can help guide you and your spouse to communicate the needs of your family and creative effective resolutions that benefit everyone in the future.

As a collaborative divorce attorney with more than 40 years of family law experience, I have seen firsthand how challenging the divorce process can be for most people. But divorce does not need to be a fight. The collaborative divorce method helps families with children establish healthy boundaries, increased communication, and decision-making skills that benefit their future.

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