Checklist Of Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Divorce Attorney

Be Sure To Ask Questions Before Hiring Your Divorce Attorney

Before hiring a divorce attorney, you need to do some research to ensure your lawyer has experience with your interests in mind.  It is important to hire a divorce attorney who can handle your unique case.  Hugh O’Donnell is the most experienced choice, right here in Kansas City.  With over 40 years’ experience with family law and mediation, he has seen first-hand just how challenging the divorce process can be for most people.  To assist you in figuring out which lawyer is best for you, here is a list of questions you should ask when hiring a divorce attorney.

You’ll want to know your divorce attorney has experience in family law, mediation and collaborative divorce.  Make sure to ask the following:
– How many divorce cases have you handled, and how many of those cases were settled out of court?
– Do you practice collaborative divorce? And is it better to mediate/negotiate than go to trial?
– In what circumstances is going to trial the best case scenario?- Where are you licensed?  Multiple states?
– Do you personally know my husband or his attorney?
– How experienced are you at knowing the local judges, and how they determine rule over divorce cases?
– How much experience do you have negotiating child support, alimony, and large financial investments, or business valuation?

Now that you have background and experience information about your divorce attorney, think about asking how your case is handled. You’ll want to know the specifics of your case, who is working on the case, how payments are made, etc.  These are a few questions to ask your divorce attorney:
– Who specifically will be handling my case?  If there are others involved, can you meet them as well?  And if others are involved, what is their experience with family law?
– As a divorce attorney, what are your personal opinions on child and spousal support, specifically regarding my case?
– Will I be informed of changes regarding my case?  Will I receive copies of all court-filed documents, and any communication between my spouse’s attorney?
– How do I contact you?  What method is the best for communication (phone, email, teleconference, Zoom, etc.), and what is the best time of day to reach you?

And lastly, it is okay to ask about divorce attorney fees upfront, so you are aware of what services you are being provided.  It is okay to ask about the cost of the retainer fee, hourly billing rate, if others involved in the case will charge separately or if their fee is included, extra fees if your case should go to trial, and any other fees in regard to copies for documents pertaining to your case.

Regardless of how complicated your divorce case may be, an experienced divorce attorney is essential to your well-being.  Hugh O’Donnell is committed to helping people through the divorce process, using collaborative divorce, mediation, and the courts to help you build a better future for yourself and your family.  Feel free to contact him today at (816) 561-9355 if you should have any questions regarding your case.