Can Divorce Mediation Really Work for My Case?


You may have concerns if divorce mediation will work for your case, especially if you and your spouse are having difficulties communicating as it is. There are so many options available now to think over when it comes to resolving a divorce, and each situation is not a one-size-fits-all. Creating effective resolutions can often be best achieved by finding common ground rather than fighting each other. Divorce mediation is a proven effective alternative to the traditional means of resolving family law issues with the courts.

The Missouri Supreme Court defines divorce mediation as “a process in which a neutral third party facilitates communications between the parties to promote settlement.” Divorce mediation helps people resolve the most problematic disputes and is an especially well-suited tool for the needs of those facing family law issues. However, not every case is a ‘quick fix’ situation. Family law matters such as divorce can be exceptionally difficult to settle. Parties on both sides are feeling a lot of emotions and have different perspectives as to a “fair” outcome. This is a time-consuming process that most don’t want to deal with, especially in a courtroom situation.

Instead of using the traditional divorce litigation method through the court system, which can be upwards of eighteen months or more until a divorce settlement is reached, divorce mediation is completely up to the couple regarding the length of time it takes to reach a settlement that both parties can be satisfied with. Working with an experienced mediator can help you create the most direct path to securing the resolution you need to all types of family law matters, not just divorce, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Division of property

Hugh F. O’Donnell is a leader in the fields of family law and mediation. He began doing divorce mediation years ago when it was a rarity, when few were exploring those options. He has taken and presented many advanced mediation training courses and has earned the respect of the courts and the legal community for his efforts to use mediation to help people. As a divorce mediator, he is a leader in bringing the benefits of divorce mediation to people in Missouri and Kansas. For more than 40 years, he has been helping people work through the most difficult family law matters and knows the good that the mediation process can do. With years of experience as a divorce mediator, he is more than qualified to help you effectively work through the challenges that stand between you and the resolution that will best suit your individual situation. If you are in Kansas City and need a divorce mediator with experience and is a leader in their field, contact me online today to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call me at (816) 533-5152 with any questions you have regarding your divorce case.